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Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk

$3,725.00 USD

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Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk

We now offer Financing for small, startup and large businesses. Exclusive Offer!! Order Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk and you'll get FREE shipping on select items and warranty included. Plus become a VIP member and receive discounts offer ends soon!! Order NOW! Supearior products are Energy Efficient and Environmentally Stable.

Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk Benefits:

  • Extended Warranty Availablle 
  • Environmentally Stable Quality Service
We now offer Financing for small, startup and large businesses.

Reopen your business with confidence by using the Supearior™ Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk (ATSK). Quickly and efficiently screen all incoming guests and employees for a fever to help prevent the spread of viruses.*

Eliminate labor costs on a dedicated temperature screener, and give yourself and anyone entering your business a visible reminder that you are taking all the necessary precautions to protect their health and safety.

The Supearior™ ATSK can be quickly set up to provide the following key features, and so much more:
1) Prevent anyone with a fever from entering a facility
2) Prevent those without face masks from entering a facility.**
3) Facial recognition of your employees
4) Reporting on all of the above

Have more questions about our product? Feel free to check out our FAQ, or don't hesitate to reach out on our live chat in the bottom right-hand corner!

Every Supearior™ ATSK model includes:
1) A Logitech MK120 keyboard/mouse to operate the ATSK
2) FAST and FREE shipping
3) Quality and thorough customer support via email and live chat

*This device should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19, or any other disease.

-Elevated body temperature in the context of use should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods (e.g., an NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer)
-Public health officials, through their experience with the device in the particular environment of use, should determine the significance of any fever or elevated temperature based on the skin telethermographic temperature measurement
-The technology should be used to measure only one subject’s temperature at a time
-Visible thermal patterns are only intended for locating the points from which to extract the thermal measurement.

**Face mask recognition is a premium feature of the ATSK and must be added to your order to be activated.

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